Sony Is The Manufacturer of The Year According to Xda-Developers

All seem to be good news in the midst of Sony Mobile Communications, and it is that the mobile division of the Japanese electronics giant has not only saved from the quarter of the group in the section financial, but it recently presented Sony Xperia go in our country, the community XDA-developers has just name them year manufacturer, in an award the famous portal called “OEM of the year”.

A vast catalog as the manufacturer has proposed for 2012, with more than 23 smartphones on the market around the world and a myriad of news behind them, seems that it has been one of the keys in the decision; Although in the case of a forum that gives support to developers, the main reason has been the eye of the Japanese manufacturer with them, with decisions as easily unlock the bootloader of your terminals or trying to bring AOSP Android to your Sony Xperia S.

Obviously, since Sony they are quick to thank the award, with a statement from the Sony Developer Blog:

Today, XDA-developers comes with some great news, as they have announced that Sony is named OEM of the year. We’re really honored by this, and we’re glad to see that our collaborations with the tech community are being so appreciated. We would actually like to send a big thank you to all of you in the community, especially highlighting the FreeXperia team for all their work. Going forward, we will continue to support the tech community. Stay tuned to Developer World, more dev-friendly initiatives are coming soon! Read more about Sony being named “OEM of the year” on the XDA website.

However, not everything can be positive, and from here we launch a critique to the manufacturer, which despite its wide range of Android products, with good design and a very accomplished differentiation, has not been able of arrive on time in any case with the more modern version operating system, always throwing the terminals with the promise of the update.

The final step, with a top terminal of range, that is, if you arrive on time, at the height of the throne, as it will be the Yuga Xperia, and as good opinion by the scene, it would not be illogical to think that they try to be is expected for 2013 the renewal of some Nexus device manufacturers.

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