So Android 4.2, a New Flavor of Jelly Bean

Four months and two days, that’s the time that has had Android 4.1 Jelly Bean as the last version of Google’s mobile operating system, and is that finally, after many leaks and rumors, we have known Android 4.2, a new flavor of Jelly Bean, in which I reveal here all the latest news.

As indicated by the fact that the version nomenclature has not changed, changes in Android 4.2 are not excessively deep. However, they arrive to add very powerful features where the operating system was faltering, so this new version comes only in order to grow still more Android.

Their main news, that Google has spread through the official website of Android, we will then destem them:

Photo Sphere, 360 degree photos

Your photos in all directions, as if you were within the image itself. So has Google features star of the new version of Android.

The application for Android 4.2 camera can be photographs in all directions that converge in immersive areas that it be placed within the image to all who see it from our device.

In addition, added the possibility of share spheres from Google + or directly on Google Maps. Thus, everyone can enjoy incredible anywhere in the world photographic areas.

Gesture Typing, slide the finger to write

An idea that sounds to most, but not for that reason less attractive is to have it integrated directly into native Android keyboard. From now on, we will be able write using gestures on the Swype-style keyboard, simply passing over the letters of each word in sequential order and without lifting a finger.

The keyboard will be capable of automatically place spaces, so you only have to slide down the letters of each word and lifting the finger between each one. In addition, the prediction may anticipate the next word and can complete sentences using the words suggested more quickly.

As if this wasn’t enough, dictionaries have been updated also Android, which now will be more accurate and more relevant results.

This, added to an improvement in the capabilities of text to speech synthesis, will cause that we discover a new dimension when writing messages or full texts. In addition, finally comes the offline speech recognition.

Multiuser support

It was the most rumored functionality, and also the most desirable. Already we won’t need a device per person to keep our data and settings safely, and it is that He finally comes to Android multiuser support.

Available only for tablets, This feature will allow, from now on, we can configure several user accounts in one device. These accounts they will maintain their own customization, configuration and applications without interfering in other, giving each user their own space: display home, bottom of screen, widgets, applications and games, and even advance and the scores of these.

If this seem sufficiently attractive, the multi-tasking possibilities from the core Android will allow that switch between users is as simple as a click, without the need to log-out and log-in processes.

Share your videos with your TV

Android 4.2 Jelly Bean will not forget enhance its multimedia capabilities, allowing natively connect external monitors of wireless.

Now you can share movies, YouTube videos, and anything that can be shown on the screen of your device to a compatible HDTV format TV.

You will only need to connect a wireless adapter Miracast to any TV with HDMI port enabled and this screen will be a mirror of your Android device in a fast and easy way.

Daydream, shows content when the idle screen

The daydream function allows the screen of a device with Android installed 4.2 show any useful information while the terminal is blocked or attached to a dock.

To give an example, we can now view photo albums to the purest style of a digital frame or display the latest news from Google Currents quickly and without the need to touch the device.

Availability and conclusions

Android 4.2 Jelly Bean arrives as one minor update, but not least, the version that has more made to mature to the operating system of all views to date.

The improvements that includes are not deep, and come to improve a constantly evolving user experience, with roads to explore as the photographs in all directions or approaching functionalities like writing gestures natively.

Data availability of the SDK has not been, but we assume that it will be soon, since the first devices that will enjoy Android 4.2, 4-Nexus and Nexus 10 tablet, arrive in our country on November 13.

Updates, as usual, slow and staggered, contingent upon each manufacturer to tailor development to its own products. We have no doubt that the The Galaxy Nexus and nexus 7 will receive soon your update, and here we are in Xataka Android to inform you per minute.

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