Smartphones Are Needed Top of Range? Get The Mini Trend

From Xatakandroid we cover today and analyze many aspects of mobile technology, tablets, etc and we have noticed a trend that, if so far it was only following as such Samsung, under rope carry it out other companies.

We already know that Samsung will present their Mini S4 Galaxy, in the image and likeness of the €699 Galaxy S4 supersmartphone, but with more modest technical characteristics. It is rumored that HTC plans to do the same with its popular HTC One and even Apple appears to be preparing a “Mini” iPhone.

The Mini devices they tend to demonstrate that word in two main characteristics: we started naming the most obvious, which is none other than the size since it is something that jumps at first sight. If we talk about tablets, mini iPad brought with it a new, more manageable form factor and covering other areas of needs. However in smartphones this difference is not so great and really “not Mini” model is slightly larger, in the best of cases 1-inch diagonal.

Now, look, I don’t know you but from my particular point of view (and in some way endorsed by my hands) a smartphone over 4.5 inches is too large to be used easily with one hand, great to carry in your Pocket without appearing that you “glad” to see someone be seated and very heavy for common everyday use.

The trend against the size is obvious and thinks, but not always anyone with it larger is better, the screen in this case. Manufacturers are making terminals with screens that come very close to the 5 inch and they even exceed them with more than the popular Galaxy Note, Huawei Mate, etc..

“Mini models tend to be mini in size, not so much in features or price” this year Samsung model has launched Galaxy S4 with 5-inch screen, larger, but has seen that there is a major limitation since the point of the user in the size of the terminal, and therefore have had to perform a great task of engineering to be able to engage a larger size in the same space that the Galaxy S3 display.

The second point to keep in mind of this Mini Word are technical or specifications They also see decreases compared to the model “not Mini”. We see processors that pass from quad-core to dual – core, screens that lower resolution and less RAM memory. We go by points.

Let’s take the case of mini iPad, It turns out that Apple releases a tablet with the technical features of the tablet which released 2 years earlier and becomes a best seller. I.e., it is able to operate efficiently hardware and nothing happens to be an obsolete model, given the pace of annual release that have taken as their own technological sector and the obsolescence of most.

If we go to the case of mobile phone concept is not so bloody since Galaxy S3 Mini is nothing more than a reduced “photocopy” of Galaxy S3 sharing some technical characteristics of Galaxy S2 and S3 Galaxy custom software. What I don’t think? Display: AMOLED WVGA, dual ARM – core, 1 GB of RAM and could continue.

What’s wrong with a Mini terminal?

In a single word: nothing. Nothing more than the own negativity that can transmit itself. A Mini terminal is a terminal that is perfectly capable of operating to day of today, run any application and with a perfect size to be used with one hand. They are lightweight terminals and that consume less battery power that stop them from range.

In fact just to see the capabilities of battery that move next-generation terminals. Galaxy S4 has a battery 2,600 mAh, and all this for what? So you have to also charge it at night or you will find yourself with low battery the next morning.

“The manufacturers should make an examination of conscience. Instead of real innovation, they carry out a marketing career.” I would only be useful a larger phone if and only if we had greater autonomy, who cares have 6.9 mm thick u 8.9 mm thick in your Pocket? If those 2 mm marked a notable difference in autonomy manufacturers could fill their coffers as most users would choose for this reason. Lords manufacturers, would do a study of real market needs of the users of a foot and stop trying to convince us that the bigger screen is better, thinner is better or more cores is infinitely better?.

We are not children, have half a brain, and, unless very specific cases of very demanding users in multi-tasking, 2 GB of RAM are not required on a smartphone for most mortals.

Before such marketing career that live (with MHz, cores, Megapixel, etc) brands have accommodated and instead of seeking innovations real, usable in every day like for example the House of HTC One of 4Mpx that captures much more light than the 13 Mpx in other terminals top of range, or ways to touch up photo as Samsung Galaxy S4 which eliminates users moving leaving a perfect photograph come us with models with thousand gallifantes two hundred gluglucitos of processor and RAM.

We must focus on the Basic, on the needs of the end user, and not create new needs year after year that Yes, we already know it, that see ass and ass I want to is what happens to the majority of techies but if most mortals can continue to live quietly with terminals of two generations without missing any functionality… something is going bad Lords manufacturers.

What would the perfect smartphone?

¿What ye suppose that would be required on a smartphone? I’ll leave a small idea of what would be an innovative smartphone fleeing ideas marketinianas we have preprogrammed in the head:

  • Processor: ARM BIG.little quad – core, i.e. slow cores and two fast used intelligently according to the system load.
  • Screen: 4.5-inch Gorilla Glass similar quality IPS protection / SuperLCD3 and 720 p (seriously need a little screen with the same resolution as your 42-inch TV?).
  • GPU: Who consume least in 2D and that allows a certain type of load 3D, would seriously need to play the call of Duty in FullHD on a mobile?
  • RAM: 1 GB is enough if the system is well optimized.
  • Storage: 8 expandable via microSD GB.
  • Camera: 5 Mpx technology equivalent to ultrapixel. This resolution can print images in photographic quality to size DIN A4 folio. It is a mobile and we need to take good pictures, not huge.
  • Battery: Would be nice to enjoy two days of autonomy with push and notifications and data 3G enabled email, better don’t talk mAh.
  • Software: Android (latest version) Basic version with some customizations according to manufacturer but not those ultrapesadas layers as HTC Sense, etc that serve only to consume RAM and display to the user data with most beautiful animations.

What would you add or quitarías of this terminal? Do you think that it is necessary to understand today’s manufacturers day improve the terminal of tomorrow?.

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