Skype for Android, with Security Update and Now Calls over 3 G

Last week it was discovered an important failure of vulnerability in Skype for Android, through which, with one application download and prepared to do this, they could steal our confidential application information. They quickly announced and located the bug reporting it from your website so Android users might be on the alert and to avoid downloading applications of dubious origin. Today they have announced that they have managed to resolve the failure and they have released a Update for Android that solves the problem.

The new version avoids that our Skype data is compromised, so have changed the access permissions to the database of the Skype application. However, it seems that this update does not resolve the vulnerability in version of the app with video, although they corrected this bug when the video application is filed officially.

Another of the improvements that come with this update is that they already can make Skype calls using 3G data network, in the U.S. was off, except with the Verizon operator who had a special version of this application.

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