Samsung Would No Longer Supply Battery to Apple

Lately the relations between Samsung and Apple continue tense, but if we look back we can say no more than usual now. After Samsung climb processors manufactured for the iPhone or prices rising tensions in supply of screens. As well, now the subject reaches to the batteries.

And it is that in this love-hate relationship so intense that not can finish well in any of the forms, perhaps with Apple being completely independent of components manufactured by the Korean company, should not take that much to complete.

And is that Samsung will not sell more batteries for tablets and laptops to the Cupertino. Thus, Apple has had that fill this vacuum with two Chinese manufacturers, Amperex Technology Limited (ATL) and Tianjin Lishen Battery for devices that are manufactured now.

Be honest, is not yet known if Apple who stop buying or is Samsung who fails to sell these batteries, although any of the two options is completely feasible.

And all this in a scenario in which Apple has come to lose almost 20% of its value in stock market, while Samsung already exceeds – and far, thus almost twice – in benefits to own Google, sprout freely through markets around the world, although some more competitive than others.

Not yet seen that way they affect all these movements to the positions of both companies. At the moment, we can compare the benefits of Apple, 8,200 billion dollars, against the Samsung, approaching with 7,400 in the last quarter.

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