Rumors of a Galaxy Note III 5.9 Screen Inch Pick Up Strength

Yet the S4 Galaxy in our hands and between glances at a mini version of the phone, we get rumors about the big house, the Galaxy Note III. And is that according to rumors this terminal would grow, this time a larger portion than its predecessor, which remained in the 5.5 inch.

According to the Korea Times, which coined the word phablet a day will continue to have reasons to be so called, and is that those rumors that we had seen on this terminal up to the 5.9 inches they pick up strength.

The presentation of this terminal, will take place this week for the American operator AT & T executives in Seoul, obviously behind closed doors, so they can take a look at one of the great phones of the year – and I’m not only talking about size, according to “a major components supplier” who has not been identified.

Time expected evolution logic of this ends, Full HD display technology OLED, Exynos 5 Octa processor and LTE connectivity. Regarding the rumored device 6.3 inches, there has also been mention, but in short: it’s another product and not will be high-end.

While this presentation internal device it can be a fairly advanced prototype, it is likely that other mortals see this Note III during the summer. And you, do you think there is still room for the growth of these smartphones?

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