Rovio Announces Synchronization between Their Games and Angry Birds Seasons Will Also Be Updated by Easter

Again we have news about Rovio and, more specifically, on Angry Birds, that is on track to become the most downloaded mobile game in history. These angry pajarracos are almost every day bringing new products, and with a new Festival nearby, would not leave us without theme update.

So, Angry Birds Seasons will receive next week a new update that, after the of San Patricio on March 17, will change theme to get it fully in the feast of Passover, with its cerdos-conejitos and chocolate eggs.

This new update, as you would be already imagining you, does not refer to Holy week so here we celebrate, if not to the feast of Easter, “Easter” in the Anglo-Saxon world, which celebrated in different countries. For this occasion, we will have 15 new themed levels with the same mechanics of game ever, announced as extra 3 unique levels for the Facebook application, which will be shown in may in principle.

In addition, Rovio has announced a new e interesting feature in their games, as it is the synchronization among them, and is that Rovio is working so that we can synchronize between multiple platforms games those who are released, whether iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Mac, etc..

With this new feature we could, presumably, have the same items saved on any platform, thus avoiding having to perform all levels every time you change the device again. While there is much information yet about this, it would be an improvement which should arrive for the summer.

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