Rotary Phone, Gives a Retro Touch to Your Mobile

Weekends are the perfect time to test applications without much practical use, and that is why today we bring you Rotary Phone, giving a retro touch to calls from mobile phones. Perhaps one of our readers has only seen this type of phones in movies, but insurance that will get surprise friends with this application.

Basically the Rotary Phone app is an application to dial and call a phone number. Grace is that the marker is circular, as phones that existed in the past, until it appeared the phones with buttons.

To dial a number must select it and turn the wheel to the stop on the right side. Then was released and thus were able to enter the number that you want to mark. In addition, we perceive the characteristic sound that made this kind of phones. Call button appears in the Centre of the wheel, and pressing it you can make a call.

The application also allows you to dial asterisk and the pad, which were not available on these phones. Therefore, it is a fully functional application to call. The downside is it takes almost 2 MB, somewhat excessive for the functions that offers.

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