Photos App From Mac OS X Creates Doppler – That You Can Do About It

iPhoto is history, the future belongs to the photos app. The tool does work for you and created by own backup copies of images, if you manage it on your OS X machine. The problem: This may be useful leads in practice to some unwanted Doppler, what eats space needlessly. We explain how you can disable the feature. Be but warned: should so far no Doppler or too little space have fallen on you, then let the setting untouched. Everyone else read on.

Disable Backup

If you change settings, it is always advisable to back up your data. Also here a backup to create images and video library, so that you are prepared for all cases is advisable. The photos app opens then and there the settings – or hold ‘Cmd’ and enter a comma. Disables the entry “Objects that clutter copy” then under the “General” tab.

If the feature is disabled, you must take care of you but yourself to manage your photos and select a storage location on your Mac. Should you leave enabled now but the function, then we have a tip for you, to save storage space.

Store Photos In Icloud

Should be running out of disk space on your Mac, then just use the built-in function to save images in iCloud. Under “settings |” iCloud”you will find the appropriate option. A preview remains still on your computer.

You open a photo, then the recording will automatically download themselves. If you want offline at any time have access to your photo library, which of course is no solution.

Photos App From Mac OS X Creates Doppler - That You Can Do About It

Uncover Via Software Duplicates

As an alternative, but still the detour via programs that detect Doppler and delete is you. For example duplicate be called iPhoto as well as duplicate cleaner for photos cleaner.

Both programs immediately remove duplicates from your hard drive, without having the redundant images before landing in the trash can. So look, what you delete, before it’s too late.


  • Before you disable the feature on the Mac, you should create a backup of your data
  • The photos app opens and there the “settings”
  • Under “General”, you can disable the option “Objects that clutter copy”
  • To relieve the hard disk, you can put the photos in the iCloud
  • Alternatively, your duplicates with special software, such as for example duplicate can feel cleaner photos
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