Philips Displays the Smart Functions and Gaming of Android TV

On the occasion of the presentation of the European TV range for 2016, Philips has confirmed all the new “multimedia” announced at CES 2016. On Android TV will debut soon streaming from Amazon Instant Video, even in Ultra HD resolution (initially the service will be available only in Germany and United Kingdom).

In addition to streaming from Amazon will collaborations with services for gaming. Gamefly will cloud gaming platform (then streamed from remote server) with titles such as LEGO Batman, Racing, MotoGP Grid and Dirt, while Gameloft and Chillingo games become available as Asphalt 8: Airborne and GT Racing 2 and Feed me Oil 2.

All Android TV will be able to handle up to four Bluetooth joypad, so as to provide a proper control system for any type of game (you can also use the remote control of some TV).Philips has also claimed to have worked on the reduction of input lag, the delay introduced to the response of the OSD. The reactivity of TV is described as one of the best ever. View more on ComputerDo.

The latest innovation is the Smart Home— all those features that are designed to connect the TV to other “smart” appliances. These capabilities will come even on Philips TV, allowing you to control devices of various kinds (citing, for example, Philips HUE bulbs).


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