Our Gadgets: Jan Introduces His Favorite Technique

Small but nice! This time CURVED editor introduces his favorite gadgets Jan. They are mostly portable and need not be expensive.

My gadgets have to cost much. I excite me in smartphones and tablets of less that because the devices have newest and most expensive, already at work in his hand. Private I watch very good performance at a good price. However, I have developed a small soft spot for wearables and Crowdfunding projects.

The Price Is Hot! 4, Nexus 7 Nexus And Chromecast

Apple devices are tools for me. I write on a MacBook and an iMac. The mobile devices Google has can win me over. I call my self a nexus 4 and a nexus 7, as well as a Chromecast. The Smartphone is not as powerful as the current flagships, enough me still in everyday life.

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So slowly it begins to develop first bitches and shows first signs of unreliability, so I think already the eyes open for a potential successor. I regret a decision when buying the nexus 4 until today. I spar Fox chose the version with 8 gigabytes of internal memory, to save 50 euros. For months I must clean up regularly, to have more than 500 megabytes of free disk space, to install app updates. My next Smartphone must have therefore at least 16 gigabytes.

At the nexus 7 I have chosen for the 32-gigabyte version will also immediately. So enough room on the Tablet for the games exists, which I often zocke with him. But the Tablet serves me on the road as a working tool, and so it has a SIM card slot and an LTE module.

As I move in the Android world, the Chromecast was the simplest and cheapest option to make my foul TV something smarter. With the movies and series from the network stick up it is easy for him to play. Another advantage: He not overheard me and pops up in my own videos including no advertising.

Athletic And Portable: Misfit Shine, Moov, Jabra Sports Pulse Wireless And Halo Belt

The misfit shine accompanied me for over a year and is evidence of how much I me have moved me. The Fitnesstracker may have not the prettiest app, and be not of the most accurate, but its design is so far unsurpassed in my eyes. The moov is brand new in my collection of sport-gadgets.

It monitors although my movements, but more than just a Fitnesstracker. As he passes the data to an app that acts as a personal trainer. It applications for running, swimming, cycling and boxing are available already.

Our Gadgets Jan Introduces His Favorite Technique-2

So the moov really can coach me, I need not just a Smartphone, but also headphones. Since my choice on the sport has been a pulse wireless Jabra sit comfortably in the ear, wireless work, and as little gimmick measuring even my pulse in my ear.

For safety at the sport – one does not always come on when it’s bright out there – I me with kickstart the Halo attaches to belt. The belt not only reflects but is lit or flashes also. Recharged his battery via a mini-USB port, will and fit in the Pocket a small smartphone – nexus 4 has its 4.7 inch large display too large – or a debit card and a key.

Crowdfunding: Pearls From The Haystack

My excursions into the world of Crowdfunding two gadgets are left besides some practical analog stuff related to smartphones and Tablet: Scööb and XY FindIt. The Scööb is a piece of plastic that folded flat can be taken anywhere. With a few simple steps, it turns into the most practical holder for tablets or Smartphones that previously fell into the hands of. Scööb has evolved into one of my favorite gadgets – for a few dollars.

However, XY FindIt is Bluetooth tokens. Fix it on the keychain, or other items that you easily lose or just don’t want to lose. About the app on your Smartphone, the beacons can be places and catch up to beep on push of a button. As soon as the connection is interrupted – E.g. his key are leaving, there is a message on your Smartphone.

Smart Photography: Maxstone The Canon EOS 7 D Connects The Smartphone

With the Canon I scan everything with a Smartphone always still cannot be fixed can be long 7 d. Currently, a 50 mm prime lens from Canon and a travel zoom lens from Tamron with a focal length from 18 to 270 mm accompany me.

Our Gadgets Jan Introduces His Favorite Technique-3

Thanks to the small MaxStone, I can use the camera with an app from my Smartphone. The small gadget receives signals via Bluetooth and passes it along to the infrared port of the camera. So I can take with the camera of not only Selfies but start long exposures without touching the camera.

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