Nine Sensors of The Samsung Galaxy S4, Scene

The South Korean company introduced the Samsung Galaxy S4 almost a month ago, and during that event just details were given about the the device hardware, Since all the attention focused on the software.

However, the new flagship of Samsung not only integrates notable internals such as your processor or front and back cameras: also makes use of a set of nine sensors that you precisely give the S4 Galaxy of a large number of options in different scenarios.
Reveal what own makers a Samsung computer graphics in which they discover the features and capabilities of those nine sensors that work in conjunction with the device software. Thus, the accelerometer is key to the function S Health, while the proximity sensor help to establish distance with respect to the user using infrared rays.

These two sensors are added to others as the temperature and humidity sensor, the RGB sensor which measures the light intensity and thus adapts the brightness of the screen, or the barometer, that determines the altitude and also helps the S Health feature that allows you to monitor our physical activity.

Here’s the full infographic to learn more about what each of those nine sensors integrated into the new Samsung Galaxy S4.

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