Motorola Moto X 2015: Leak Reveals Apparently New Camera Features

It looks like Motorola wants to make a true recommendation for hobby photographers the Moto X (2015). Again are unsecured information floating around, speaking to enhanced camera features the new top Smartphone of manufacturer. In this case, the instructions come from a kind of data sheet for the unannounced device, which published the leak expert Ricciolo via Twitter.

Whether it is the datasheet real material from the manufacturer, is not clear. It could be perhaps an excerpt from a presentation to the Moto X (2015) of Motorola (>> more). Definitely shows the image of the logo of the manufacturer as well as a large “X”, which is why we assign Ricciolo’s contribution despite the somewhat confusing comment to the new Motorola device.

Moto X (2015) Should Appear In The August Or September

As GforGames reported, Ricciolo especially for leaks is known to Sony products. Even though there is no evidence for this assumption, so the use of a new Sony camera sensor in the Moto X would be why the leak expert suddenly saddles to on Motorola Smartphones (2015), at least an explanation.

His Tweet according to (2015) anyway, the camera of the Moto X still have more tricks up its sleeve than just an optical image stabilizer and a slow motion function with 120 fps during recording in full HD: even in low-light conditions and even at night the Smartphone to can make nice shots and a correction of a backlight using HDR to be also possible.

Motorola Moto X 2015 Leak Reveals Apparently New Camera Features

In September at the latest, we should learn what Motorola intends for improvements for the Moto X (2015). Then the third quarter clearly specified on the gel files images of Ricciolo release period ends. The amount of time would fit well, by the way, to the statement by Motorola’s President Rick Osterloh. He had already hinted in March that the Moto (2015) probably will be released X as his predecessor in August or September 2015.

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