Motorola Mobility Will Leave South Korea

Motorola Mobility will close all of its operations in South Korea during 2013. One of the news of the year, which we cover in scoop, Engadget was the decision by Motorola Mobility to close its offices in Spain, along with 30 other countries. To that list we must now add another, which turns out to be especially significant.

This restructuring is part of the global plan initiated after the acquisition by Google, and carrying some 4,000 jobs eliminated as well as the closure of multiple offices, business units and international websites. In this case the estimates of some 500 jobs will disappear.

Motorola terminals leave South Korea

Korea was one of the last sites where Motorola had a Center for research and design, which now will better life. The company will keep to 10 percent of its workforce of research and development in the Asian country, and the rest percentage will be offered. And although a couple of business units (business services) and customer service will be running, company will market and promote mobile devices throughout the country.

When we announced the closure of Motorola Mobility in Spain, the detailed reason was strategic: apparently, Motorola would focus on markets where LTE networks were well established. But in South Korea, there are not only LTE networks: is also the land of Samsung and LG *, and that undeniably draws attention.

The release of close in South Korea shows that the strategy is to focus on markets not with LTE, but “in which Motorola will be better positioned to compete effectively”. It is his grace, because precisely Motorola Spain was in a really enviable market position.

But there is a plan or not?

The strategy of Google with Motorola follows embarrassing me. While it is true that it was a difficult country, the homeland of heavyweights such as Samsung and LG, from the global point of view seems as if Google didn’t know to exploit that candy that is Motorola. Time will tell if it is a success, but this operation”cellulite” seems more intended to simplify the structure to make it more efficient costs, than to a long-term strategy to increase the percentage of sales.

And is a shame to close marketing units that work, whether it is better or worse, when you have not yet learned to use your own platform to sell terminals.

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