Matias Duarte Explains Why The Interface for Tablets and Mobile Are The Same on Android 4.2

When yesterday announced the new range of devices Nexus along with the new version of Android called much attention the Nexus 10 tablet interface, wasn’t the interface seen in Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) Tablet but that it was the same as for mobile phones. This also happened to the Nexus 7 months ago, but the change was understood to be a small screen but in a bigger screen does not, and why Matias Duarte, the interface and the Android user experience Manager, He has had to explain the reason for the new interface for tablets.

Matias Duarte explains that the consistency and ease of use is the most important things for the team of Android, and that for that reason now in Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) buttons virtual navigation and the notification bar are consistent for all sizes of screens for notes not any sudden change in the interface when you change to an Android device with different screen size.

This unification was carried out after an investigation of usability that proved that by the muscle memory It was better to unify designs to always display the buttons, bars, launcher of applications and other elements where the user expects them regardless of the size or orientation of the screen, something that was not happening before.

Matias Duarte also took the opportunity to remind the why the Nexus not have SD card reader, and it is because for the average user it is confusing to have two memories, Since then they can know exactly where your photos or applications are saved not manage correctly both memories, or which is free memory have. Why choose a single memory.

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