Lumia 950: First Camera – Taste Of The High End Smartphones Gel Stroke?

The Microsoft Lumia (known formerly as Lumia 940) 950 could be presented at the IFA in Berlin probably in a larger variant called Lumia 950 XL. After the code names and possible technical specifications of the upcoming Windows flagships are leaked, a first photo appears now, that could be have been taken with the Lumia 950.

The photo posted on Twitter shows a sea view recording and may come from the upcoming Lumia 950 as PhoneArena. The image should come under the heading of the Twitter user Ricciolo by a so far unreleased Windows phone 10 Smartphone, with still not long ago sophisticated firmware but improved, optical image stabilizer.

Lumia 950 First Camera - Taste Of The High End Smartphones Gel Stroke

Recording With A Previously Unreleased Windows Phone

Because there are still not really many manufacturers of smartphones running Windows phone, actually not much room for speculation remains in this note. May therefore perhaps really is a recording which was already taken by Microsoft’s expected top model Lumia 950 or Lumia 950 XL with the camera. However, the company from Redmond even on other Lumia variants could Potter so that it is not completely sure if just one of the high end devices for this picture in question comes. In addition, the tipster Ricciolo is called neither a source nor otherwise an indication of how he came to this photo. It could be quite a fake.

What can be 950 XL Microsoft’s upcoming models Lumia 950 and Lumia, should ultimately only be resolved at the official launch. According to previous information, both smartphones with Windows 10 for Smartphones should run and be MP main camera equipped with a 20. The Lumia 950 will contain a 5.2-inch display, while the Lumia owns 950 XL with 5.7 inch – both with 2K-Auflösung. Nothing is known about price and exact release dates.

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