Lifelink Smartphone Charger Cable for the Wallet

Thanks to the Lifelink Smartphone Charger is No More “Battery Empty”

For those who have no desire to carry their top Smartphones charger all day with it, there’s the Smartphone charger in credit card format now – beautiful small it fits easily in your shirt pocket!

Do you know that? You put your phone in your purse and thinks, it is loaded, but it’s not of course. If the battery of the Smartphone is empty, the fun is over quickly. And you don’t have it of course also the normal charger for Smartphone. Anymore: Anders as other smartphone charging cable, which like to wrap themselves up or simply just stupid to transport, fits great Smartphone charger LifeLink of Australian company PlusUS the EC cards loose in the wallet. If necessary you simply loads the Smartphone to a USB port. And the best: the LifeLink cable does not load only smartphones, can transfer data.

The LifeLink Smartphone charger is only as thick as two bunk credit cards and coated with a Teflon coating, which protects the charging cable. Part of the charging cable is reinforced with plastic–tied together it disappears easily in your wallet. The LifeLink Smartphone charger cable will probably exist in three versions. The version for Android, Windows phone and BlackBerry smartphones coming out with a micro USB to a USB connector, the LifeLink Smartphone charger cable for Apple iPhones there till about the model iPhone 4S with a 30-pin adapter. For the newer iPhone the LifeLink Smartphone charger comes with a lightning-port in the trade.

Whoever puts to a LifeLink Smartphone charger, not only has he does a practical accessory for the Smartphone, it also something good: PlusUS supports namely with each sold LifeLink cable project Buy1Give1 what according to the PlusUs for the construction of wells in Ethiopia is invested enough school in Nepal for two days or a roof over your head is a family in India one day.

The LifeLink Smartphone charger will cost 16 Australian dollars with a 30-pin or MicroUSB connector, a lightning plug costs 18 Australian dollars. Plus 5 Australian dollars for shipping, the charging cable costs then about 15,50 euro.

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