Layar Is Updated to Support Social Networks

Layar, the known application of reality augmented by layers, it has updated to version 5.0 to add new features. Among the new features is the integration with Facebook and Twitter, making that from now on it is possible to share with our contacts information as interesting locations, 3D models, or new layers that we have found and they are of interest.

This new version of Layar also incorporates the possibility of introducing 3D animations real image about icons for the different points of the layers. They have also been improved basic aspects of usability application, longer than this Layar 5.0 improves the way to save favorite layers and adds a new tab of recent layers with the latest that we have seen. Likewise, the layer Explorer has been improved, and now the application is launched directly from the most recent or favorite layers.

The application is now available There is also a version for iOS version 5.0.1 in Android Market, and soon they will launch the update to Symbian. In our operating system required Android 1.5 Cupcake or higher to operate, and is completely free, occupying 2, 7MB of memory.

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