iStick: External Memory Stick for iPhone and iPad

The iStick Brings You More Space for Your Data

Is the memory of your iPhone, or your iPad once again full? Soon, you need to delete any data, because the new USB drive with the name iStick friends expanded the store of your iPhone or iPad and has on top a lightning-connector port.

The iStick, a project that started with kick starter, is a flash drive for iPhone and iPad, which also has a lightning connector. The iStick is to be available in different versions: there should a iStick with 8 GB, an iStick with 16 GB, 32 GB and one with a space of 64 GB give. And what can the iStick? Well, save data and stream even more, such as videos and music! The data transfer between the iPhone or iPad and an app will take over the iStick. In addition to the data transmission the part should can do even more: the iStick allows also the streaming of films, for the video files don’t even need in an iOS video format are available. But also music you should with the iStick can stream and open data stored on the Flash drive directly, without that you need to copy them on his iPhone or iPad. The iStick with 8 GB storage space will cost 129 dollars, with 16 GB the iStick $169, 32 GB $199 and which will cost $299 with 64 GB memory – that’s pretty steep, this is stick but also comes in pretty handy! Many Apple fans are unlikely to let not deterred by the price especially since the Kickstarter project was a complete success. Come on the market should the iStick in August.

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