iPhone 6s: Patent Is Called New Image Stabilizer Technology

Better than OIS: A new Apple patent revolves around a new image stabilizer, which could come in iPhone 6s or 7 to use. The concept uses switched in a row level and should provide better results than current solutions, Phonearena reports.

Anyone who has ever shot a photo knows the problem: If the lighting conditions are not optimal, the exposure time increases. Who has not a quiet little hands or even a tripod, can at best hope for fuzzy results. Image stabilizers to remedy at least a bit and here Apple could have soon the edge, as indicated by a new patent, that the US Patent Office has made public now.

iPhone 6s Patent Is Called New Image Stabilizer Technology

Offset Flexible Mirror Movements

The document describes how using switched in a row mirrors which direct the light from the lens to the sensor. The system compensates for vibrations by each corrective elements by a small, magnetic motor in position. The highlight of this: Separated sensor and lens, conventional methods are less flexible.

Recently, it was said that even the iPhone 6s keep the 8-megapixel sensor of the predecessor, rather than raise the resolution. But resolution why was rumored of any new features that Apple might have up his sleeve all is not. During the standard iPhone 6 only via a software solution features, works in the iPhone 6 plus an optical image stabilizer. Well possible so that Cupertino in future on measures for improving image continues to, that are independent of a higher resolution. Hardware of the iPhone 6s there are only rumors.

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