IPad 3G and Vodafone, Will Reveal Their Data Rates

Updated with new details about the rates.

It was not our own Vodafone that has reported on the expected rates that have prepared for iPad 3G, we learned on the reservations page for the iPad that has been officially opened in Spain.

There are no surprises in this regard, Vodafone offers a flat rate for browsing the Internet to 15 euros a month with a limit of 200 MB per month. If I want to have a rate with no limits we are going to the 32 euros per month. Sorry for expected something special and revolutionary by the Red operator.

Curious to found on the reserve page no signal MoviStar, since only appear present as an option Orange and Vodafone. Anyway, we inform you that the link to the website of Vodafone does not work, and will have to wait until the operator us full details of your proposal.

It seems that the fact that we have learned of the rates by Apple rather than Vodafone It denotes that they are not really excited in the article, in fact they do not offer anything special over the competition.

Other operators have introduced solutions that we could consider more original to join with a MicroSIM card daily rate to 3.5 euros in the case of Orange. Movistar in turn gives us the possibility of hiring rates of 25 or 39 euros and have Internet on the iPhone and iPad.

Update: According to we can inform us on twitter of Vodafone, both rates have unlimited traffic but you can see reduced browsing speed to 128 Kbps from 200MB with the option of 15 euros per month, for 32 euros rate is from 2 GB. They also let us clear that these rates are independent to others that you have contracted, not as in the case of Movistar.

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