IOS Applications Fail over to The Android, According to Crittercism

On more than one occasion I have read and I have heard that Android applications fail more than IOS. It is true that they are hung and which sometimes not going fine, but at least in my experience with the two operating systems, I have not noticed a big difference How to say categorically that that is so.

To resolve this uncertainty, and give us a more forceful than personal observation data, Crittercism has conducted a study which analyzes the crashes of applications in different versions of Android and IOS. The main conclusion: the operating system of Apple is that fails most of the two.

Crittercism has made its study evaluating the behavior of applications that use your system metrics in the background in the two operating systems. Thus established that in the second quartile (median) 1.47% of applications analyzed in IOS failed while on Android, the percentage is 0.73%.

The data correspond to a sample carried out during the first fifteen of the month of December. In it, have been detected up to 33 different versions of Android and 23 of IOS. In the graphs you can see the distribution of the crashes of each of the operating systems.


When analyzing the reason for the crashes There are multiple reasons: that the application is poorly designed, the existence of multiple versions of the operating system, any third parties such as the geolocation service or internet access fail… Thereby it is difficult to establish common patterns that are more or less representative.

In any case, although the data of Crittercism are quite interesting nor should be alarmed. The percentage of crashes is very small. It is also true that IOS has experienced a transition to a new version of the system (5.0) recently and as always the amount of failures is greater due. In Android that migration still has not occurred to Ice Cream Sandwich.

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