Ice Cream Sandwich Already Has a Share of 2.9%, Gingerbread Is Maintained as The Most Widely Used Version

A couple of months, when we were on Android operating system share data, we saw how Ice Cream Sandwich was only 1%. A number that seemed ridiculous and which demonstrates that the transition is being quite slow that of other updates.

Two months later, that figure has improved although its penetration is still quite discreet: a 2.9%. The reasons for this growth? The proliferation of more homemade ROMs and the updating of some terminals of HTC and Samsung Galaxy SII, which a few weeks ago began to receive him officially.

Meanwhile Gingerbread continues to maintain as the most commonly used option with a share of the 63.7%. From behind, Froyo with a 23.1% and Eclair with 6%. In regards to Honeycomb, its share is only 3.3 percent. In view of the terminals that have been so far seems that the growth of Ice Cream Sandwich will be rather slow.

The reasons: on the one hand we have the issue of updates. In some cases has been relatively rapid, as the SII Galaxy or the Sensation of HTC. However this is not true in all cases and there are still many users who they do not know with certainty when it will be updated officially their smartphones.

On the other hand we have phones that have been announced to date. If it is true that in high end almost all have Ice Cream Sandwich, in the middle range and input is not the same: beginning with the Ace and 2 Mini for Samsung as well as other low-budget terminal. It is also true that this last point is, who knows if in a future update, but for now what if it is is true that will come with Gingerbread factory.

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