HTC Accord, The Betting Windows Phone 8

What we knew so far is that HTC He is riding in the truck’s Windows Phone 8, but Samsung and Nokia they are ahead in importance for Microsoft, and would be the first to present products.

It is expected that HTC have three new terminals, and one of them has unveiled in the form of recreation. Known for now as HTC Accord, has come directly from a ROM of the Taiwanese company that circulates through specialized forums.

Although the image appears with the wallpaper of Windows Phone 7, is not to say anything, if demands our attention is the eye-catching colorful the recreation. It could be revealing us that HTC wants to put colorful in their phones, Windows Phone, we had associated with enough ‘serious’ terminals.

What is said of it is that it uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon dual-core 1.5 GHz (MSM8960), as Microsoft brand, and its screen would be of high resolution 4.3 inch its diagonal (Super LCD2 technology). The 8 megapixel camera, slot for microSD and NFC support cards, complete filtration.

Beats is still alive in Windows Phone 8

Much has been said of the relationship between the Taiwanese and the Dr.Dre. That they would no longer include it in phones to lower final price, or that itself Beats would like to develop your own phone, but the reality is that the upcoming Android phones will follow with the logo on his back, and today we can confirm that the Windows Phone 8, also.

The reason for our news, HTC Accord, would have technology and headphones Beats Audio, in the same vein have followed with One family terminals.

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