How to Rock the Coffee Shop Cubicle

Is going on for a while: meetings went from conference rooms to coffee shops, business calls can be taken in the middle of a cup of coffee, the important paperwork is taken care of in the food court. The structure for many companies shifted to an online interface, and the physical, real-world aspect of Office is slowly beginning to fade. Thanks to the Internet, we work where we want, when we want and how we want.

But, unfortunately, with this freedom comes very few social risks. When humans share breathing space, they can’t help but act … well, human. Even with all our high-quality technology devices and cloud sharing and sophisticated communication, we ignore some elements of common decency when we’re working in a public place.

While these are not necessarily rules, hard-fast to get you, a surfer in walk hard, they are definitely something to consider. All our suggestions are meant to keep it less intrusive and even more focused in your work.

Headphones are your best friend

headphones are literally the best things in the world-legitimately, surprisingly, with sincerity. While we don’t have a handy option to true virtual reality, these $10 miniature loudspeakers you can connect it to a different world: ambient sounds, music, even in a world without people. Because no one ever bother you when you are using headphones, right? Heh.

But really, if you are working with media-heavy materials (light video editing, perhaps) or maybe you absolutely have to have music playing while you are working, then get a pair of headphones. They keep you from annoying others with the sounds of your laptop, and they can also keep you in the zone.

That said, don’t start the music blaring on the speakers of your laptop, while working in a room full of people. It’s rude, and it is likely to distract anyone who might be around.

Keep phone calls at a normal level conversation

If you can have a conversation at a cafe, then you may have a phone call, too. However, keep these two rules in mind: don’t speak super high, and don’t call attention to yourself. Because it is detestable. Talking about headphones, if you have an iPhone, I recommend using the EarPods included or any other headset kit with microphone-are impressive. Bluetooth users? This is your time to shine electronic devices with a Bluetooth headset. Just keep it down, will ya?

On the other hand, it seems that many people really can’t get phone-speakers in cafes just because they are there. People sometimes think it’s rude, even if they are sitting at a table full of friends, chatting. Let’s be honest. This one is kind of a jerk. If you like complaining phone talkers, you’re probably in the same category as people who force him to cough when anyone with an e-cigarette is nearby.

Skyping actually isn’t too bad, but …

Moving on, I even go as far to say that it’s not a Skyping cardinal sin, while in public. But again-headphones. Also, make sure your camera is not facing a direction that will show to anyone. Why? People are sensitive about your privacy anyway these days, and nobody should be displayed in any place they do not want to be in this case, it’s more of a relationship type of situation.

Even if you’re not at work, NSFW applies

Look, it’s not your mother MakeUseOf. No matter what you do or look for when you are online, but occasionally other people will. When you are in a public place, you don’t know who’s in your surroundings. You also probably don’t know what they’re going to be comfortable and uncomfortable to see if it happens on your workstation. Yes, while they must definitely be minding your own business, it’s something to think about.

Look at it this way: the business that is working is what allows you to do what you need to do there. Respect for playing nice with the other, because in the end, if you want your operation to be successful.

Don’t hog the bandwidth

Boys. When Wi-Fi is provided to you, respect it. Don’t throw a thousand 1080 p Vimeo videos at once, while rocking out some fall of Titan in a separate window. Oh, you’re supposed to be working, right? Just keep in mind that everyone is drinking from the well, and you must be willing to share.

Keep your business thriving

More importantly, wherever you are, whatever the place that so graciously allows you to enter your work materials, opened a store, and sit for a few hours while you do your thing, support them. Buy a drink every hour. Eat there often. Recommend it to your friends. Post about it on social media.

After all, coffee shops and cafes are slowly becoming our modern offices, and we all need to do our part to help pay the rent.

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