Guy Kawasaki, Apple Evangelist to Boast Android

Today we talk about the proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy III and a Google Nexus 7. It would be one of many, if not because his name is Guy Kawasaky, and for several years was Chief Evangelist of Apple, what comes to be the official title of biggest fan of Apple’s driving principal love Apple and everything that represents.

Guy is, in fact, indispensable for understanding the birth and consolidation of the fan phenomenon environment to Mac and Apple, as the effective commercial strategy was conceived in the years in which it was in office, back in the 80’s. After several personal adventures, Guy briefly rejoined Apple in 1995, and is currently engaged in investing in startups.

And to everyone’s surprise, now boasts of not using any Apple device, but several other Android:

Surprises people fairly, but don’t use any product iOS, none at all. I fell in love with Android in the smartphone, and then got a Nexus 7 and start using Android in the tablet also. For my the great irony is that the Apple slogan was ‘Think different’, but today if you think different looking to Android

There are movements of Apple which is not agreed

A declaration, of course, that should escocer in Cupertino as rubbing the eyes with habanero pepper extract. The seven inches of his Nexus likes, but not striking it Mini iPad:

If it had something attractive in [iPad] Mini me would change in a second, but what is so attractive? Why change?

One of the reasons for his jump to Android was to use LTE networks, which Apple not has been uploaded to the version 5 iPhone.

Apple is sold as the ultimate in smartphones, but why it was still working on a network that was 10 to 20 times more slowly? I will not change now, because I think that Android is better.

Android is better, and uses a standard cable!

In what is best? Kawasaki gives several reasons: support for NFC, real multitasking, or the mere possibility of seeing all their applications in alphabetical order. He insists, and here I agree strongly with him, that some of the decisions of Apple don’t make sense:

Another thing that I like about Android is that they don’t have a stupid owner cable. I can go to any counter of reception of a hotel and if I’ve forgotten my cable always have a micro-USB out there. I can use my Nexus 7 and has the same cable to my Samsung Galaxy III. What a concept! A standard cable.

While the diverse ecosystem of Android has a place for proprietary cables, like those included using Asus on their tablets, is true that in general, micro-USB is a de facto standard on devices that use this system.

In 2010, he still had an iPhone

Until at least 2010, Guy used an iPhone. Your first Android was a Droid Motorola Razr Maxx, and there began to appreciate the benefits of this system. The best thing is that today no one pays you to promote Android or Apple, so it cannot be said that their praises are conditioned by a salary. An honest preference for Android.

I’m not saying that when I worked at Apple announced its advantages without believing in them. Moreover, his passion for Mac was crucial to attract the first fans. While searching for images and information to document the article, it struck me that is impossible to find a photo that is not smiling, and that is if there is something that defines her passion for making.

It is not the only legend of Apple who now lives in green side: the footballer Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, has also repeatedly defended the advantages of Android against Apple. If it wasn’t enough, he presumed his Galaxy Nexus in the very same Mountain View, next to the figures from different versions of Android.

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