Google Could Be Preparing The Jump to Mobile Telephony

Google is, today, a software services company. It began as a search engine on the internet, but it has been growing very fast due to its numerous services: GMail, Maps, Drive, etc., all characterized by integration in the cloud. Android helped even more to expansion, the Google ecosystem becoming a must for every day, and the only thing missing to the giant Mountain View to close the circle is to become a “carrier”, a network provider for its own clients and services.

Already tried with its pilot of optical fiber in Kansas, and was one of the most widespread rumors last year that now The Wall Street Journal recovers to everyone’s surprise, shortly after Google announced its new subsidized Nexus by himself and the spread of Google Music.

The news comes from a interview by the newspaper to Charlie Ergen, Chairman of Dish, a provider’s network via satellite which offers its services to telephone companies. Apparently, Ergen declined to make specific statements, but confirmed that they were in talks with various companies interested in entering the sector.

Obviously, even if these informations are real, the negotiations are very green, and even if it were true that both companies traded, it should not necessarily assume the disembarkation of Google as a phone operator.

What is clear is that Google has worked hard with its own fiber optic network, hoping to spread throughout the country, and although the U.S. mobile phone market is already well partitioned, Perhaps the operators will have to start to worry. The interest of Dish is also high, now waiting for permissions to use their infrastructure in a complementary to their satellite TV mobile service.

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