Google Camera: App Update For Nexus Devices Only

Google Camera App Update For Nexus Devices Only

The app-Google camera in the latest version only for nexus devices: the description text to the latest version of the camera app has been updated now Google play store. Therefore, the current version of the app only on nexus devices running Android already installed 6.0 Marshmallow works.

With the release of the current models nexus 5 X and nexus 6 p was also the app Google camera on the current version 3.1.021 installed, reports 9to5Google. The nexus delivered 5 x and the nexus 6 p with this version, while Marshmallow until some weeks later was stand-by for other devices with Android 6.0 Google play store to download. In describing now updated to the new version that Google runs camera 3.1.021 on nexus devices, the Android 6.0 use Marshmallow as the operating system is under “Requirements” explicitly.

Preferred Nexus Devices

When attempting to install camera in the latest version of Google, on a HTC one M9 9to5Google, found that only the predecessor version 2.5.052 on your Smartphone has landed – in the face of the now published requirements, this was understandable.

The changelog of the app shows that the new version aimed exclusively at nexus devices: so for example, nexus get 6, 5 X and 6 p so exclusive a car-HDR-plus mode while enables also video footage in slow motion with 5 X and 6 p. Even if the previous version on all other Android smartphones and tablets have excellent runs, remains the question of whether Google will continue to equip the own devices when new versions of the app with exclusive features – and do take owner of other Android devices with the basic version.

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