Finally We See The Vodafone 845 in Official Images and Function

Already last month leaked the rumor of the existence of this terminal, the Vodafone 845, Although we only had a blurry image. This month we have seen it in images that ratified its existence also showing the detail of their version of the Android operating system, the Android 2.1, We also knew their specifications.

It has been now when, finally, and officially by Vodafone UK, We have seen in video. We also have a couple of official images on it where you see its forms and your camera with more detail.

In the video we can see the small size that is being compared to a HTC Legend (which is a rather small terminal of itself). Seeing him live the sensation wakes up is that, with a good price face to the public, It will certainly be one terminal more advisable to start Android. It is small and very portable.

Enjoy the video where we can see all this:

In the video it looks like this “low-cost” terminal has with a custom Vodafone interface, with own design when it comes to create calendars, move or delete icons from the main, separate applications screen as an online music store, application to write notes, and utilities for the SIM. We assume that this is all part of the Vodafone 360 service.

The arrival of Vodafone 845 It is confirmed for may, but in the United Kingdom. In Spain by now we have no news, but practically it will fall. What you think you phone?

See complete gallery» Vodafone 845, a couple of official images (2 photos)

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