Dxo One Test: Too Unwieldy, Too Expensive And Much Too Quickly Empty

DxO test Smartphone cameras through its paces – and has developed a lapel camera with DxO one for the iPhone. But she disappointed.

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On paper the DxO one puts technical camera loose in the Pocket both the iPhone 6 and also the iPhone 6s. Your 1 inch sensor is not only surface area greater than that of Apple’s Smartphone, but has also a higher resolution 20.2 megapixels. Reminder: eight to twelve Megapixels are there in the last two generations of iPhone. In addition the DxO one with a f1 is. 8 aperture will as the iPhones with f2. 2.

No Snapshot Camera

With DxO one shooting is however more complicated: get iPhone out of your pocket, unlock, activate the camera app and press the shutter release button is no longer enough. Instead it says: get iPhone out of your pocket, turn on DxO and lightning plug fold out, connect with iPhone, the app launches automatically – only then you can press the shutter button.

With DxO one together, fits the iPhone no longer good in a pocket and is unwieldy even when shooting. Although I could be holding the compound record set only on one of the machines, but although the camera sits in the lightning connection safe and stable, I don’t dare it. Not well solved: The lightning port only transmitted, no power. And so the short battery life of the external camera disturbs greatly: even before the memory card was full, I had to recharge the one after about 70 shots.

If it must go quickly, you can take a photo with the DxO one without a Smartphone. There is a release button, only a screen control is missing. And a microSD card must then necessarily reside in the camera. Connected to the iPhone, you can the recording only on the Smartphone store – but only JPG files. You can copy the RAW files only on your computer.

Powerful Raw Data Supplier

The images in this comparison are from the camera of the iPhone 6, their picture quality is something but not much worse than the iPhone 6 s. To get the JPG files, developed by one of the DxO, which transmits it on the iPhone. Especially with the colours and the exposure you can achieve significantly better results in a manual development of RAW.

Dxo One Test Too Unwieldy, Too Expensive And Much Too Quickly Empty-2

Generally the brighter lens and the image sensor larger noticeable. However, the bright areas of the tear partially. At night, the camera on the attention to detail despite brighter shots shows but little improvement.

For technical reasons, the images in the gallery are compressed. You will find the original files including the RAW images at Google drive.

Simple Camera App

On the iPhone, you have just about DxO one app access to the external camera. The application includes a gallery for the pictures and of course a camera mode, in which you the iPhone Flash enabled, set the self timer and select the file format. Eight automatic and semi-automatic, or a manual shooting modes to choose from are altogether.

Dxo One Test Too Unwieldy, Too Expensive And Much Too Quickly Empty-3

Too bad: The DxO one app there is no macro mode. In manual mode you can get still closest to the subject. But the minimum focusing distance is much larger than the iPhone, which is thus better suited for macro photography.

Not A Substitute For A Digital SLR Camera

Why I’m so critical with a lapel camera for the iPhone? Because the DxO one 599 euros is almost as expensive as an iPhone 6. For that, you’ll get a camera that makes though better pictures as the Smartphone, but has still a worse image quality as high-quality compact – or cheap SLR cameras that are similar to expensive. But not only the price speaks for me against the DxO one, but also the unwieldy in conjunction with the iPhone and the short battery life. As the only real plus, capture RAW files will stop at the end.

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