Continue The 4.2 Android Leaks, Google Takes Seriously The Security

At this point it is no longer a secret that Google has in the kitchen a new version of Android. If a couple of days ago we saw innovations and new use from the notification bar on Android 4.2, now we are going with other features, focused on the safety of Android devices in the hands of the guys at Android Police.

And as you probably know, these guys have a Nexus 4 terminal with a version still in development of Android. While some of these functions may not be integrated into the final version, give us an idea of where things can go.

If everything proceeds in the direction expected, they are symptoms that Google is beginning to take seriously the issue of security, and is that after seeing the new version of Google Play included a few tracks on a future malware scanner, it comes with these features following.

SELinux, steps towards a more controlled environment

The first of the new found implementation is SELinux (Security Enhanced Linux), It is basically a group of tools and plugins that allow programs to run with the minimum required permissions. Series Linux allows access to large amounts of information to which the user has access, so that malicious software can access this.

In this way, ended up with the concept of root user, since the permits are given by the administrator, and are applied to each process and object, without which nothing can surpass it, by reducing the possibilities on the malicious software.

In short, what the end user will find is a section in the menu of the phone that you can place such as on, off or permissive. What ultimately results in what permissions have the applications, but it is integrated in Android.

Permanent VPN: not VPN no internet.

One of the features is that we can remain connected through a VPN (Virtual Private Network), without having to keep track of the sessions through it. Is a permanent mode, in which, if the VPN is not enabled does not have internet access. It has no more impact on the final use for a user who do not use these tools.

Goodbye to the unwanted SMS Premium

And finally we have an improvement in one of the issues that may be more annoying to the user. The services of SMS Premium that, in relation to the malware, you can getting us quite bulky bills without our consent.

In this new version of Android, the system detects when such messages are being sent, and warns us of this with the following text string:

“ Would like to send a text message to [number], which is a code of SMS premium? Send a message to this destination will bill your mobile services premiul account. Would you like to allow this application to send the message? & #8221;

It works just Comparing numbers from target with a database. If we warn directly of the cost. If you are not in the database, simply warn us that it’s a code that could charge for those services, also giving us the alert. So, matter resolved.

No doubt Google is finally taking letters on the subject of security, What long term will impact a decline of these business models ‘ dark ’. Surely we have more leaks about this version of Android, so stay tuned.

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