Apple and HTC Come to an Agreement to Put an End to The Demands of Patent for 10 Years

The past weekend, Apple and HTC signed peace to end the war that was both companies and patents which had been initiated by Apple in 2010. The agreement puts an end to the current demands and creates an agreement of licenses between both companies for the future both current patents.

Details of the agreement is unknown but according to an analyst consulted by Business Insider HTC could pay Apple between 6 and 8 dollars for each device that you sell, reporting income of between 180 and 280 million dollars, to the Cupertino provided HTC follow selling between 30 and 35 million devices each year. Not to forget that it seems that HTC is already paying $5 to Microsoft for every Android that sells.

From HTC they have stated that they are very happy to have finally resolved their dispute with Apple and they can now focus its resources on innovation, not litigation. On the other hand Apple has also said that they will focus on innovation while it seems they will continue responding to other companies like Samsung and Motorola’s stronger.

The agreement has been well received at the Exchange, rising shares of HTC 24.5 percent during the early hours of the morning. We hope that this makes emerge more forcefully to HTC and us back to surprise with their interfaces and devices.

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