Angry Birds Rio Will Arrive This Week to The Android Market (Updated)

It seems that the exclusivity of the anticipated game Angry Birds Rio in the newly released Amazon Appstore is going to end soon. Throughout this week it seems the game at the official store of Android and will also free.

So it has just announce the developer of the game, Rovio Mobile, on your Facebook. Confirm that the game will be shown on the Android Market in a free version but with advertising, as opposed to the version that is in the app store from Amazon, which has no advertising to be the paid version, but Amazon is giving away currently.

We do not know if they will also offer the paid version without advertising in the Android Market or if from the same game you can remove ads to be one of the next updates of applications in the Android Market, to pay within them to remove ads or to unlock features.

Update: Angry Birds Rio is now available in the Android Market for any device with Android 1.6 or higher. Two episodes, with 30 phases each one we currently have available. Throughout the year, the number of episodes will be expanding.

View the video at the original site.

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