Android Jelly Bean Will Arrive for The Third Quarter

Jelly Bean candies at the stand of Android at MWC 2012

Even with a Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, which recently that exceeds 1% market share in Android and with many terminals waiting to upgrade to this version, Google does not cease in its promise to extend Android development cycles to allow time for operators and manufacturers carry the latest version of the operating system and so when a new version is released with all of the changes.

However, time passes for everyone and it is time to hear news of the next version of Android, which could be the 4.1 or 5.0 as you decide to Google. As all name points to that it will be Jelly Bean (Jewish Gummy) escogia with almost total security option to have offered a gigantic source of these delicious candies in his stand of Mobile World Congress.

The most important question that brings us is when this update will see the light. At the moment we know that the Google I/o, event aimed at developers, will take place in a few months, everything seems to point to a brief presentation would be at the Conference and then a presentation for the third quarter of this year as it did in his time in the presentation of Hong Kong.

With all these data, everything points to terminals would come into the sales to the public already by end of 2012 or in the worst cases to already come 2013, a date a little hasty to knowing that many terminals are for upgrade to 4.0.

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