5 Tips For Perfect Photos With The Sony Xperia Z2

Create stunning pictures with the Sony Xperia Z2: the recordings of the Smartphones released in the spring of 2014 are today still the results other smartphones in the shadow. MP excellent photos with a resolution of 20 are possible even in low light conditions. In addition, the camera of Xperia Z2 offers you a number of setting possibilities with which you can even refine your results. We tell you which are which and best use them like her.

Basic Tips For Photographing With The Xperia Z2

Cares when shooting with the Xperia Z2 to the Smartphone are keeping firmly in both hands. Also should make sure that you not covered Flash and lens for snapshots with the left hand, which can happen quickly. First half press the shutter of the camera app down so that a white frame appears. When the camera is properly focused, the frame turns blue and you can press the shutter button down fully.

5 Tips For Perfect Photos With The Sony Xperia Z2

Use Manual Mode

The camera app of the Xperia Z2 offers you the control over the settings, if you use the manual mode. You’ll reach it after you open the camera app on the “Mode” option. There you can set different scene modes, as for a photo of a landscape or a picture at night. The ISO value, motion blur, or smoothing of faces can adjust her here as needed.

Take Advantage Of Timeshift-Burst Mode

The TIMESHIFT-burst mode is particularly recommended if the subject could disappear quickly, for example an animal in the wild. He is activated, the camera records 30 photos, before pressing the shutter button, and 30 after that. In this way, the probability is higher that you’ll get a usable image. The option can be found under “Mode”, once you’ve opened the camera app of the Xperia Z2.

Correct Use Of HDR Mode

The so-called “high dynamic range” mode (HDR) better highlights details on images. For the camera of Xperia Z2 takes multiple images of a scene in HDR mode, which are then added together for a photo. Thus, your about dark areas in pictures can compensate and provide a high-contrast appearance. It is important that you stay as calm as possible the Smartphone in HDR mode. He is also inherently better for outdoor shooting suitable buildings. Open the camera app, tap “Mode” and then selects the manual mode. Opens the menu with the three little dots from there and selects HDR. Note: HDR can be used only, if you have chosen a resolution of 8 MP and the image stabilization is turned off.


  • Get the Xperia Z2 shooting quietly and in both hands
  • First half press the shutter, so that the focus can align, pushing him all the way down, as soon as the frame is blue
  • In manual mode, you can configure, for example, the ISO value or preferences for certain sceneries
  • TIMESHIFT-burst mode you take many photos, so that afterwards you can choose the best photo
  • About “mode |” Manual mode | Menu | HDR”reached the HDR mode, which allows high-contrast, condition is a resolution of 8 MP and a disabled image stabilization
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