4.2 Android Will Come with New Galleries and Multiuser Approach

At this point almost all you know that the guys at Android Police have a prototype of the Nexus 4 LG with a somewhat premature version of the next version of Android. We have already seen that Android 4.2 It would take a double bar of notifications with quick adjustments, and a greater focus to security, now go another step further with this great spoiler.

And the new big step in Google would be focused in two directions, a more purely visual, and another focused – this time and finally – happy support multi-user, or at least one approach to this. Let’s see it.

New gallery

As you can see in the image above, Google has decided to replace the icons Gallery and camera of the current stock. It is of a minimum, if we compare it with the new presentation of the gallery itself same redesign.

Android 4.2 – or in the version that implements it, if it is to finally be making – galleries will be something more visually similar to what we have in Google +, Although staying with the same functions and layout to what already we had in Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean).

Multi-user deployment

This is one of the features that had been crying out for the user and that, while it may not be finished, have found indications that Google intends to implement it, whether in Android 4.2 or later versions.

Specifically, found code strings that refer to the permissions that are part of each user applications. But while this may be something secondary, the following strings shed slightly more than clarity on the issue:

Users Users Add Edit user details User Name Discard Remove information user Pesky kid Remove user?
Are you sure you want to remove the user and all associated data from the device?
Photo ID

Either way, it’s a still little-implemented function, and not found remains of how to change the session between users, even if evidence of that specific applications will be installed from Google Play specific users.

Parental control

Something that, finally, we can implement on the operating system on the basis of the multi account support, is the parental control. This so far could be found on Google Play, but now falls squarely on Android, where we can reduce the privileges on a specific account.

Finally we must bear in mind that the compilation available to these guys at Android Police data from one month ago, that may impact that some of these functions have been completely modified on the final or directly deleted and delayed.

What is undoubted is that Google bet to facilitate the way in which the user – or users – interacts with the device, increasing safety standards and their ecosystem a more comfortable and versatile environment.

Even though we have a lot of information about the next version of Android it may be, as I have already mentioned, there are variations and innovations that have not leaked or have not been. Out of doubt we will have to wait for the event of October 29 in New York, where it is expected that we will see this new version of Android and Nexus 4 in an official way. Who knows if something else.

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