4.2 Android Will Be a Double Notifications Bar with Quick Adjustments, in Video!

We have already seen enough about the new Nexus 4 of LG. In general, this device still runs under the new version of Android 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean). But the boys of Android Police they have a somewhat more advanced in the development version, and they are revealing great detail about this.

It is neither more nor less about one improvement in the notification bar. Something that comes to discover when slide it down, and the Jelly Bean notification bar appears, but we turn to slide and voila! A location for a future rapid adjustments.

This second notification bar would be something similar but different from Samsung which incorporates in its TouchWiz interface, a series of switches to make adjustments in a simple way and without let what you’re doing, given the multitasking on phones still is somewhat cumbersome.

In this way we see how all space notifications is preserved – expandable, of course – and also gets another second access to settings, by pulling on the notification bar a second time.

As we say, this leaves a prototype with a more advanced version, classified as JellyBeanMR1 (considering that Android 4.1.2 is JellyBeanMR0) or Android 4.2-[XXX]. But still, and as from AndroidPolice, this version is quite green and the vast majority of functionality are half.

Perhaps this is due to that Google, in its new policy of release of the operating system (according to which aims to make new versions of Android until 3 months before its release to manufacturers, have to go giving version after version with things half-baked. Thus big brands can begin its work much earlier. Do you like this method of entry to the ‘ Quick Settings ’?

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