4.2 Android Will Analyze The Applications for Malware and Prevent Sending SMS without Permission

Google has not disclosed the news of Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean), we know only the most visible innovations but thanks to the lucky ones who already have the Nexus 4 we are discovering more innovations, such as its improvements in the safety.

It is confirmed that the new version of Android It will analyze the applications that we install for malware, but will do so only with applications that you install outside Google Play, i.e., of unknown origins, but will be optional.

The first time that we are going to install an application that we have downloaded from elsewhere will ask us if we want to activate the verification of applications. If activate it the signature of the APK will be sent to Google servers, and If the application is safe will install in our device. The process is almost instantaneous and can activate and deactivate from settings > Security.

The Chief Engineer of Android, Hiroshi Lockheimer, reported that apart from analyzing more than 700,000 Google Play applications are also analyzed the APK that appear on the network because the detection of malware Bouncer.

Also confirmed that If an application wants to send an SMS will warn us of this with a message, showing that application wants to send a message and a number, so the user to accept or reject this request, and thus avoid scares on the invoice.

Another novelty in Android 4.2 It is the way show the permissions required by each application. Now displays information clearer, better organized and easier to understand thanks to the inclusion of a descriptive icons.

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