4.1 Android (Jelly Bean) Officially Announced

Finally a few days ago Google has announced that, together with the Google Nexus 7, everyone was waiting, at the Google I/o 2012 lecture series. It is of 4.1 Android (Jelly Bean), which comes to dethrone Ice Cream Sandwich.

Jelly Bean, a much faster operating system

The first of the great improvements in Jelly Bean is an improvement in the speed and stability of the operating system. So Google known as the Butter project, perhaps because of the relationship with what must literally sliding.

Jelly Bean, gets underway something that will literally improve the smoothness of the operating system, and is to be will automatically increase the speed work of the our processor cores, for the simple fact of touching the screen.

Another substantial improvement of the operating system, is the improvement of the Treaty of the widgets, which can now be resized and moved, as well as positioned, in a much more intuitive and automatic way. Widgets are resized alone when they are too big to fit on your screen.

Jelly Bean, improving the interaction with the user

Another new feature, coming to improve the ability of interaction with our Android, is the capacity of the “ Text To Speech ” working in offline mode, in such a way that it can be used in any situation. Also, Google has added four new languages recognizable.

They have also introduced new improvements in the camera, that now allows you to view the images by dragging just to the right. It also improves the integration of the gallery with the camera. An interesting feature is that if you delete by mistake one of our newly taken photos, we can recover them, with just one click.

They also improve the way in which we share our files through den Android Beam, so that you can share the images and synchronize the bluetooths.

Another big innovation, of everyday, which are that at the end mark a before and an after the operating system is in the notification bar. Now, the integration is complete and you can perform more actions from this, such as calls or have access to different options, with much more information.

Searches, have been also improved with Knowledge Graph, without becoming a voice Assistant, but much more effective. Also introduces Google Now, that predicira searches which may be of interest to us. Also travel, traffic, flights that can be predicted in the searches, or sport results live.

In short, it’s an operating system that can interact in a more complete way with the user, with large improvements in stability and speed, What can improve the end user experience. The system SDK is available from right now, and will begin to be distributed in mid-July.

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