Tennis Bracelet Buying Guide

The tennis bracelet is a must in the world of jewelry, a timeless classic that all women wish for your jewelry collection. Currently on the market you can find the most tennis bracelets various prices, from € 20,000.00 for a diamond tennis to € 30.00 for a tennis bracelet cute but that are “satisfied” to have of zirconia.

However the origin of the tennis bracelet is so to say “noble” because this jewel was born as a luxury accessory, typically achieved through the use of diamonds and white gold 750. According to RRRjewelry, a unique feature of the tennis bracelet is that it is a bracelet flexible brilliant (originally they were used only diamonds) set on a frame from white gold or silver color. The composition that emerges once the bracelet worn is that of a single row of shiny without beginning or end, symbolizing the eternity of love. For this reason, the tennis bracelet is a very popular gift from men towards their partners. At first, the tennis bracelet was produced only with white diamonds, but later it endless versions blacks with diamonds, cubic zirconia and Swarovski crystals of various colors were made.

The technical definition of this bracelet is actually that of rivière bracelet of diamonds, why then, we all know as tennis bracelet? In 1987, during a match of the US Open, the American tennis player Chris Evert suddenly lost her precious diamond bracelet designed by the Egyptian jeweler George Bedewi and demanded that he stop the game momentarily so that he could recover the precious diamonds that were scattered on the field. This incident live TV turned into a huge advertisement for this type of bracelet that since then became definitely known as the tennis bracelet.

After that Chris Evert won a lot in his career: 18 big slam and reaching the # 1 position in the world rankings of women’s tennis, the tennis bracelet to have brought luck? This is not known, but certainly it was she who cast the fashion of wearing jewels of the details during the sports match, a trend which was later also joined tennis players like Serena Williams and Gabriela Sabatini. In any case, as we have already mentioned earlier, the tennis bracelet has a history that began well before 1987, and strongly connected to diamonds. Prior to 1987 the tennis bracelet was also called “eternity bracelet” in reference to the purity and strength of the diamond.


The first thing to establish is obviously the budget, based on your budget then you can go see the bracelets that correspond to the price range that you have established. The nice thing about a tennis bracelet is that it combines elegance, sportiness and comfort so can be worn in many different occasions between them. But keep in mind that only the classic version of the tennis bracelet, or the one with the brilliant (ESSEI are cubic zirconia, diamond, swarovski etc ..) white is really suitable for any occasion, whether you choose a tennis bracelet with diamonds of different colors from white then you should also pay attention to your clothing, the season, the occasion in which you wear and even the tone of your skin. For example, a tennis bracelet with diamonds from the pink becomes a frivolous and carefree accessory, more suitable to be worn during a meeting with her friends, a trip to shop rather than a business dinner. Besides the color is also to consider the magnitude of the brilliant: if you are thinking of wearing the bracelet especially during your normal working day or leisure then it is better to bet on from the small cut stones, but if you plan to wear it for important occasions better to take a bracelet with stones by measuring a bit ‘more important.

Let us now talk about the tennis bracelet frame. Currently we find in almost all possible variations: yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, silver, rhodium-plated metal, silver metal or even platinum. Frame color in the end depends on your tastes and you will make use of the bracelet. The silver colors, white gold or metal are basic colors that are good for all, others a little less. It is imperative to choose a frame made of a metal that does not oxides, so if for example you choose rest assured that the silver is rhodium plated! This is because otherwise you will be forced to do the work to clean the bracelet from oxidation and this could cause damage to buds. Also make sure that the mount is done well and with time not in danger of loose and lose a few gem, ugly would suddenly discover that they have a diamond in less on the bracelet!

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