Style Pointers: Watches Give a Hump to Kitchens

An eye on tic tac of pointers, for a minute, you can forget how the clocks give charm to the kitchen. At first glance, who’s in front of the stove is concerned with the use of the object to mark the time that food go to the fire, without getting passemdo point. But, why not join the useful to the design and give a hump the environment?

A good tip is to adopt a creative wall clock. It was with this aim that the artist Fatima Sound began to create models with art. “Using the papietagem technique, with overlapping layers of newspaper. They are ripped with a specific cut and glued with a special glue, “he explains. The result is a line of watches with fruit design bemdivertidos.

en years ago, recycling and handicrafts drew attention of Fatima. “The interesting thing was to insert a bit of technology to a typically handmade process. Today, I can make copies from a single form, “he says. The watches are sold at the Instituto Mauá, cost, on average, R $80,

But some people change the craft by a footprint more retro. In this case, good tip wall clocks are inspired in the years 1960, for sale in Lemongrass, in shopping Center bar. “It’s amazing how young people are seeking references of a time past. They want knowledge of an era that didn’t live”, this is Agnes Souza, seller of the establishment.

She credits the that fact the frantic search of youth pop models with illustrations of Mafalda, a character whose comments and ideas reflected the social and political concerns of the years 60. The models cost around £ $47, depending on the illustration.

But if the intention is to opt for a more clean design to match the décor of the kitchen, Spicy comes into play. There, you will find charming wall clocks, but in a more minimalist aesthetic. They have varying sizes and cost between R $118 and R $168. Are objects that do not compromise the ambiance, but make Cutie in the kitchen.

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