Sell Jewelry on an Own Jewelry Party

Whether you are beginner or semi-pro, if you yourself create our site, there is a certain point where they have very many pieces of jewelry. It can be not so much myself. Would it nice if you could sell something there? At least get your to be able to finance beads hobby? A jewelry party is an excellent opportunity for this. Simply invite family, friends, neighbors and colleagues to a jewelry party! A few our site hours with coffee and cake, and jewelry. It’s just like when the selling parties for plastic cans or cosmetics. You know Yes what I mean  something different already: it is private for friends and it must be non-commercial. The jewelry can be viewed on site and purchased. Each piece is unique and handmade. You can invite people to his home or like at these parties also usual, organize the whole thing with a friend and her circle of friends.

You need the following:

  • Some tables
  • Black tablecloth, or at least a table cloth in any neutral color
  • their jewelry, complete with small price tags
  • Business cards if available

Apart from the recreational value, pays such a party of 6 people. More is better of course! It is unfortunately hard to estimate how many people will buy something. Therefore, it is recommended to offer something in every price range. For every budget, so to speak. Small earrings or Pendants make it possible that anyone can buy anything.
Bring paper and pen to write down an order. It happens quite often that a particular bracelet or chain you like someone, but in a different color. And, of course, that can be ordered from you!
At the end of the evening you have again money and new ideas about new beads to buy and their passion to maintain!

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