Our Top 5 in April

Dear blog readers, if you carefully read our blog, you noticed maybe, that we of the month 5 unfortunately totally have sweaty our top in March. This was simply because that we have been busy so, the latest spring and summer trends for you to find, that we have just thought about it. After the first summer now but already online to have pieces of jewelry are and we were able to celebrate the first rays of the Sun already with our new jewelry, it is high time to introduce our to highlights April!

All are currently crazy for ethnic jewelry, and we can not deprive us of course also the. Because what goes better with dreamy summer days? Ethno, is of course to think boho or Indian spirit jewelry (depending on how you like sensible to want it), not away this summer and we love the bright colours and the lightness of the design of the upcoming season. Therefore our first favorite of the month is also an ethno piece of jewellery, namely this great necklace in antique gold with beautiful feathers in cream-white and the great Tasseln:

And since we can dispense finally again in the spring-like weather on our scarves, even our second favorite is a chain. This chain is very fine and has a beautiful rectangular stone in Pastel pink as a trailer. A beautiful piece of jewelry, the we currently totally love to a pair of jeans and a simple T-shirt in white combine:

And again briefly on the ethno trend back to get, is to find a casual piece of jewelry in turquoise on 3rd place.Currently, shades of blue are anyway very on trend and this bracelet set, we can combine our blue clothing great:

So, we only once enough have acknowledged trend to the ethnic for that month. Of course we had a few nice pieces for you ready, but you can choose your new favorites with us in the shop yourself.Maybe this is an or other then in may still present! In addition to the ethnic look, we are indeed totally crazy for geometric shapes. Yes, because pieces of jewellery in rectangular, diamond – or triangle shape are very and convince a purist look. And exactly why are these earrings in the geometric style of one of our April favorites:

So and now we have arrived at our number 5. You can not imagine, how hard it fell this month with all the great new products, choose us to only 5 of them…So we with cover also a trend, we opted for the delicate look. With these chic earrings in the sheet look, you can walk dreamily through the city and is frolicking in the Cafés. The earrings not only look great, they are like a hint of anything on the ears with the filigree design and fit just perfectly to our wonderful outfits!

Now, we’re always looking forward, which your current favorites are and look forward to your comment! With us, you will find our favorite pieces in the shop:

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