Natostraps: From Functional Bracelet to Trend

In addition to numerous functions, these typical military armours often have a Natoband instead of a leather or stainless steel bracelet because it is particularly hard-wearing and robust and also particularly cost-effective. For a long time these materials were actually reserved for these watches only. But as it always is, one day trendscouts came up with the idea of ​​using these bracelets as fashionable accessories and it is foreseeable that they will not sang and soundlessly go past the fashionistas.

In my research on the Internet, I got a very interesting hint, who was really the pioneer and brought these Nato from the military world into civilization. Sean Connery, also known as James Bond, wore his Rolex on the Nylon-Straps in Goldfinger in 1965. This sealed the rise from military equipment to the wristlet for watch-conscious fashion enthusiasts. Admittedly, it was the men who wore this type of bracelet and the fashion factor was still limited, but now you can really say that it is Fashion accessories that can be worn by men and women alike. The name  NatoBand  emerged later: The British ” Ministry of Defense” defined a standard for Army straps from Ballistic Nylon and gave the bands a NATO camp number. Meanwhile, all nylon tapes are also called Natoband and everyone knows what is meant by it.

The selection of watches of these trendy timepieces is now quite big and who is on preppy will love them. The leader of the preppy watches with Natoband is Daniel Wellington, but also Nixon has recognized the pulse of the times and offers in the current collection surprising. If you are more inclined to the classical origin of the Nato wristwatch, you should look around at Traser.

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