Large Link Chains to the Neck!

Ok, today I do not have any more drumherum to talk about this kind of chains.These large, roughly shaped link chains, which are seen everywhere on very delicate women’s stems.And they are anything but misplaced.Because these big link chains now belong simply to it.For every look and every occasion.How it works?Oh, I have 3 ideas for you, as you put these great link chains at your neck in the best way.

1. What are Chunky Chains?

According to, Chunky Chains are nothing but link chains that look as if they were at least one number too big.Just imagine these typical chains for men, just a bit sharper.The individual chain links are partly extremely large and have a very heavy effect.However, the latter does not necessarily have to be the case, since not every large link chain is made of solid material.These chains gave an outfit a cool, luxurious or ground-like touch.Depending on how they are styled.

Usually Chunky Chains come without a trailer and work for themselves.However, some models also have a pendant, often reminiscent of a kind of amulet.

In general, large link chains work particularly well on high-capped or at least not too deep cut-outs, which also have a round shape.

2. Large link chains for the precious punk

Because in such difficult and coarse chains one thinks inevitably at first a somewhat harder look.Goes with the rough link chains quite simply and since Punk anyway is at the moment still quite a big topic, we dare to look at the times.I am concerned here with the contrast between a noble link chain and an outfit, which does not quite so noble.For this purpose, you combine a large link chain in gold or bi-color (for example, gold and black) with a dark top and slightly tattered jeans hotpants (in the way “seized by the scissors”).In jewelery, you should keep a line.The gold of the chain should therefore also be found in rings, earrings, etc.The look is called Edel-Punk.;) and the Edel-Punk pays attention to such trifles.

3. The link chain to the casual look

This is exactly the look we most often encounter when we talk about artifacts.This also shows how everyday the look is, so he gets the stamp “casual” from me.And I mean that as a compliment.Here are just a few normal tops (sweater, shirt, sweater, all quite high) and combined with a large link chain.The link chain is the eyecatcher, additional jewelry is always smaller, more reserved.And a fairly honest or very normal look is suddenly perceived quite differently.

By the way, stars such as Gwen Stefani and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley also love this down-to-earth look.

4. Chunky Chains for the evening dress

Give me “chunky chains” on Google, I say to you, to 99 percent you will at least one contribution with Lily Collins high up in the results find.Because Lily Collins is a true fan of rough link chains, and it carries them to important, glamorous events.As is the case, the evening dress is not the focus, but the chain.The dress (or the outfit) can impress with a restrained elegance, simply and without many details that could distract the chain.Ideal is the “little black”.A superschnelle styling, with a touch of glamor.It is best to do without additional jewelery and prefer a touch of color to the lips.Good, small ear plugs and a narrow ring are still allowed.The ready-to-go evening look is ready.

Do you have such big chain links?How do you prefer to wear them?

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