Jewelry with Engraving or Message

In the last contributions we have already given you some suggestions for jewelery gifts, which can please a mother’s heart. Today it is a bit more personal, because we give you tips on how to personalize your chosen jewelry with engravings.
On, there are many jewelery pieces that are suitable for an engraving and where you can enter your desired engraving right into the designated field in the product detail page.

Gift Idea 1:Chains with personal engraving for Mother’s Day

Engraving is a very personal gift idea.First I would like to introduce you to chains with engraving.Here you can engrave the initial letters of your mothers & for example.Or something else quite personal.Chains are carried close to the heart, which strengthens the importance of your chain.

Gift Idea 2: Bracelets with embassy/engraving as Mother’s Day gift

For long messages, chains are rather unsuitable.For that I would recommend you bracelets .With name bracelets you can usually think of individual words.For example, you can give a bracelet with “I love you” or for example “Infinity” for infinity.

I personally find such bracelets very creative and unique.And usually such bracelets with message are not expensive.

The right text for engraving for Mother’s Day

According to, if the matching piece of jewelry is found, the question naturally arises of what you want to engrave.Beautiful is something quite personal, such as the first words or the first sentence you said as a child or a saying that has often fallen in your family and which you connect with your mother.But even a simple “I thank you” or sayings like “Best Mama in the world” will definitely not miss their effect.Below we have a few more ideas on how to make your mother happy with her engraving.

Ideas for an engraving for Mother’s Day:

Name and/or date of birth


Unconditional love

Thank you.

I thank you.

Best mummy in the world

A child without a mother is like a flower without rain.

The best thing about me, I got it from you.

Mama knows best.

Home is where your mom is.

Ich liebe dich.

Favourite Human being


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