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The jewel for Divas project, presented within the framework of jewel April 2014, honors five women representative of the golden age of Mexican cinema. Parts designed in silver highlight the beauty, talent and personality of Victoria María, Silvia Pinal, Rosita Quintana, Evangelina Elizondo and Elsa Aguirre.

For the first time, the entire collection will be presented at the Guadalajara International Film Festival. It will display in the main lobby of Expo Guadalajara and from 6 to March 13, 9:00 to 17:00 hours.

The collection brings together the talents of jewelry designers, who, inspired by the feminine beauty, represented the qualities of the actresses through the silver according to

The designers involved in the project are:

Maria Victoria
-Luis Omar Guerrero, ccoleccion, Sensualita
-Fer Quirarte, be careful, Cuidadito collection
-Eduardo Navarro, ccoleccion the siren of Mexico (photography)

Silvia Pinal
-Rocio dunes, collection Sublime (photography)
-Manuel Garza, collection obsession
-Carolina Enriquez, Magnifique collection

Rosita Quintana
-Fernando Jiménez, skin of tango and silver heart collection
-Alida Madero, collection my dear captain
-Jacqueline Ramírez, Vicky (photography) collection

Evangelina Elizondo
-Beatriz Barragán, Zu collection
-Teresa González, Evangelina collection
-Adriana Berber, collection color… to not die of cold (photography)

ELSA Aguirre
-Pineda Damian, Flor de Azalea collection tribute to Elsa Aguirre
-Luis Berrón, Flor de Azalea collection
-José María Pineda Flores, harmony

It is like the jewelry collection for the divas, quotation is given in the Edition number 30 of the Guadalajara International Film Festival.

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