How to Choose Wedding Ring

Wedding rings are rings, generally, in gold that symbolize the bond of marriage in a married couple, may be with diamonds and precious stones or simple and inexpensive. Read the guide to know the features, materials, stones, types, and how to choose wedding rings according to criteria of quality, price and accurate information to the consumer.

The symbol of love

The faiths should represent your love and be an object to be worn with pride. When we launched the exciting adventure of purchase of faiths, consider what kinds match your tastes and your budget. Talk among yourselves and share thoughts and desires before visiting the shops.

You want matched rings or prefer a ring that reflects your personal style? You want it to match the engagement ring? You have a family tradition that you want to follow? What types of wedding bands would be better off on your hand? You can definitely find the answer at!

The rings of folk traditions include:

  • Irish Claddagh
    The heart in a ring claddagh symbolizes love, eternity and joined hands symbolize friendship.
  • Jewish
    Traditional Jewish beliefs are a simple circle, golden, who represents the union pure and eternal.
  • Russian
    Russian rings have three intertwined bands representing the Holy Trinity. Each band can be in a different shade of pink, white or yellow gold.
  • Traditional
    The ancient Egyptians believed that the wedding rings to create a circle of infinite love that lasted beyond the earthly life. The tradition of wearing a ring on the third finger began at the time of the ancient Greeks, who thought that a vein connected that finger directly to the heart.

Later, at the time of Pope Nicholas I, they also took on a meaning of jewelry legal union. Today are inspired by the values of the ancient Egyptians and Greeks, representing a spiritual commitment (and religious).

Which use precious metal for wedding rings?

Most wedding bands is available in gold or platinum, polished or brushed. Brushed gold or platinum ones have a more modern look, while the polished metal has a more classic. The bride’s engagement ring can affect the choice of the metal to be used. However, there are no fixed rules: feel free to mix or combine different shades of gold or choose a different metal. Be creative or traditional according to your taste.

  • Gold
    The more traditional choice gold wedding rings are available in different colors. You will find models in white gold, yellow gold and rose gold. The warm yellow gold is a fantastic choice for anyone who has a skin dark enough, while the rings in platinum or white gold can be a great complement to lighter toned complexions. Often couples choose white gold ones as alternatives for those in platinum, because they look similar but are cheaper. The gold in its purest form is very soft. To make the pure gold jewelry manufacturers, the mixing often with other metals, such as nickel, zinc and copper. You can determine how much gold contains a jewel by reading the number of carats. The higher the carat weight, also increase price, vibrantezza of color and clarity. However, decreases the resistance.
  • Platinum
    Platinum rings are quite fashionable, and more and more couples are opting for this precious metal from great durability. More expensive than gold, platinum weighs 60% more than the latter, which complicates the case you could bend or break, and makes it more resistant. Platinum typically retains its shine longer relative to gold. Platinum, a precious metal was very popular in America in the early 1900s, so you will find a wide range of antique rings made of this particular metal.

How to choose

Simple metal rings don’t have to be so traditional as you think. You could choose a ring with a flat surface square corners, or maybe a faith made of two different metals. You could even let us put custom inscription. If you have the opportunity to choose wedding rings with diamonds or gemstones such as emeralds, rubies or sapphires, choose those mounted in the way that you feel like it. A ring may have one or more gems on top, and you can choose how you want the gems are placed around the faith.

  • Causeway
    Rings with elevated frame using metal supports to keep the stone.
  • In circle
    Diamonds or gems arranged in a circle appear to be placed one side by side directly into the metal, which is not visible. Bar facilities may be visible a bit of metal on the sides of the gems.
  • Pave
    In the doughnut holes are drilled to create a structure to pave. Then little gems (usually diamonds) are inserted into the holes. The entire surface of the ring shines like a “paving” of gems.

When purchasing you might choose a style that matches well to the shape of your hand. As a general rule, people with large hands can facilitate donning large rings with big stones, compared to people who have small hands. A small and delicate ring might seem out of place on a great hand, while a massive ring, with large stones, might be too flashy for a small hand. The rings are three dimensional objects, so take into account also the height. A skinny finger wearing a wide ring can be very graceful.

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