Hot As Any Smartwatch: 5 High-Tech Watches

Many people can find anything Smartwatches in. CHIP shows the five high-tech watches, which are characterized by clever extras.

Internet connection, Smartphone connectivity, touchscreen- Smartwatches develop more and more genuine all-rounders. So truly prevail, they could not themselves but until today. In particular she eagerly awaited Apple Watch proved in hindsight as commercial flop.

No matter whether at home or on the road, a new clock must not necessarily a Smartwatch be. On the contrary: the following models show that sometimes less is more.

Tesla Watch: The anti-Smartwatch

No Internet, no display – the Tesla watch is pretty much the opposite of a modern Smartwatch. But that should be it – the design is deliberately to the era of the famous inventor Nicola Tesla created, discovered among other things the AC.

According to vaultedwatches, it is the little things that make the Tesla watch so special. The time can be set does not have a display or a wheel – instead a small key takes over the fine work. The retro clock is illuminated by two glass flasks. The Tesla watch is for less than $50 (about 44 euros) already available.

Tesla Watch:This watch can almost nothing and scores still

Clock ring: The ring watch

The Ring clock is exactly what the name suggests:ring and watch at the same time. Optical, 168 LEDs make it a real highlight. The ring watch is waterproof according to the manufacturer to a depth of 30 meters, the battery should last through three years and is replaceable.

The ring clock not characterized as also the other presented here watches through a wide range of functions, but especially by their appearance. The Manufacturer sells them for $295 per piece (approx. 260 euros).

Clock ring:This ring is a watch

Ferrolic: Clock, Ferro-fluids

The Ferrolic is probably the liveliest indicating because already presented here watches, such as her name, she is Ferrofluids to display the time. Ferro-fluids are special liquids that are sensitive to magnetic strayfields. The clock uses exactly this circumstance, to display the time in the form of moving.

The Ferrolic was already presented in the autumn 2015 by their creator zelf Koelman, has not succeeded but still beyond a test phase. The idea the innovative watch but certainly would be an asset of the industry.

Ferrolic:special liquid shows time to magically

Including Starmap: Cosmos clock

That is a true multifunction talent and our personal favorite Cosmos clock. For one, the Cosmos clock is at the same time also a Bluetooth speaker. On top of that, the display but also displays a star map of the northern hemisphere. That also the optics convinced is there almost by itself.

Unfortunately, so far only a few a few prototypes exist of the Cosmos clock. A now launched Crowdfunding campaign can however hope that the multifunction watch will go soon suitable for mass production and hence in series production.

Star card and Bluetooth speakers:The Cosmos clock

Whiteboard clock: More minimalism isn’t

That simplicity is sometimes even multifunctionality in the shade, proves the Whiteboard clock. Minimalist could work a watch hardly – robot design writes every five minutes the time classic pen on a whiteboard. Then, the time will be wiped out again.

The Whiteboard-clock is so far not for sale as the clock of the cosmos and the Ferrolic. The inventor has one in a Google document but Manual published with the fans of the technology which at home base to watch if they understand some of the coding and the English language are powerful.

Cool, but late:The Whiteboard clock

…doch prefer a Smartwatch?

All featured watches outfitted with individual features and refinements. Even if some of them are not for sale, but all five models have their own charm.

You should come into the world of Smartwatches into want to sniff, we recommend a look in the CHIP leaderboard -She shows you all available models for quality or price-to performance evaluation.

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