Happy Hour Is Now

Statement jewellery – statement jewellery, colourful like a cocktail. The ingredients:luminescent crystals and sparkling rhinestones. We serve the most beautiful models, our favorite bartender Cammack from the “Schumann’s” mix the appropriate drinks

Opulent chains

Now particularly said: Aqua and dark berry notes. Best of high-necked blouses, narrow XL chain to tops or dresses with round or v neck wear eyecatching Colliers.

Gorgeous earrings

Plug, clips or chandeliers (in German: chandelier): now it can be not colorful enough. New is that you even during the day wear extravagant earrings – such as accent to simple tops.

The drink: SWING COCKTAIL 1 egg white with 5 cl Brandy (such as Carlos Primero), 1 cl 1 cl Agave syrup, Maraschino and 2 splashes of Orangenbitter (such as Gin barrel-aged Orange bitters of fee brothers) in a Shaker type. Shake well. Strain the drink into a glass. 2 cl Galliano liquids vanilla pour slowly up, so that the ingredients do not mix.

Glamorous rings

Sparkling Rhinestones, decorative flowers or polished semi-precious stones – these models are true highlights and tolerated no competition. So no further rings or large bracelets to combine.

The drink: CAMPARISI 3 cl of Campari, 3 cl Vermouth (Noilly Prat for example), into a mixing glass 1 cl liqueur (such as BORGMANN) and 3 cl Cocchi Americano and at least 15 seconds with a spoon stir. Strain into a glass then.

Decorative bracelets

With this sparkling eye-catcher, you give something a uni colour dress immediately. The outfit of rest of is nicely restrained, it looks in the Office not overdressed so.

The drink: YELLOW PASSION SMASH 1 lime slice and squeeze. 1 passion fruit in half and lift out the pulp with a spoon. Together with 4 cl of Quince nectar (E.g. somebody Apple Quince van took), 4 cl naturtrübem Apple juice (such as Boskoop van took), 1 cl Agave syrup and 2 cl lime juice in a cocktail shaker. Shake for at least 10 seconds. Strain the drink into a glass.

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